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Below is our product line. Under each category there is advice for architects and designers on the type of application that the category product is best suited for.

Fieldstone, quarry stone, blue stoneFieldstone

Hand selected from nature itself, our fieldstone is derived from various sources throughout the heart of Pennsylvania; Blue Stone Country. The various sizes and shapes, including mossy boulders, are perfect for your interior and exterior projects. This product is recommended for stone walls, stepping material, fireplaces and any unique design project that requires the extra country flavor.

View our photo gallery for samples of fieldstone:

• Thins
• Mediums
• Heavy
• Garden Path
• Flat Steppers
• Mossy Boulders

quarry stoneQuarry Stone

More of a uniform product, quarry stone offers the stability of color and ease of use. Square and flat in nature, this product makes it suitable for that consistent look needed in your design and the ease of a do-it-yourself installation. This product in its many styles is best used for projects such as stone walls, stepping material, fireplaces, patio floors, walkways and most custom design needs.

View our photo gallery for samples of quarry stone:

• Thins
• Mediums
• Heavy
• Garden Path
• Select Garden Path
• Flat Steppers
• Broken Standup
• Quarry Tumbled
• Pattern
• Slab Material

Grey stoneGrey Stone

A more economical stone product line satisfying the quality needs for your stone project.

View our photo gallery for samples of grey stone:

• Thins
• Mediums
• Heavy
• Garden Path
• Select Garden Path

Cut stoneCut Stone

Precisely engineered to your custom design requirements, our cut stone produces a clean, sharp look and a natural effect to any stone project. Cut stone is primarily utilized in projects that need a man-made look with a hint of nature.

Flynn Stone can service any cut stone order that your project requires.

See our photo gallery for samples of cut stone

*Half-pallet orders are available on all Field and Quarry stone and can be customized to fit all your landscaping needs!

View our photo gallery

Flynn Stone
We can fulfill all your stone needs from half-pallet orders on all available Field and Quarry stone, to customized cut stone orders.

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